When  your Body Temperature is sinking, the question is not if you will survive anymore, but for how long ?

Jump and Crouch to your Igloo and embrace the sweet warmth of your home as you finally achieved  to survive another day. Evade the cold Water and  survive until you finally find the right path.

You're in an even so strong delirium that you can actually talk with penguins, or at least that is what you think you're able to do.

Will you find the right path ?  Will you be able to do it in time ?  Will you be able to survive ? Will you be able to befriend the penguin ?


This is a Game for my First Game Jam: Winter 2020. As an Engine I used the Unity Engine. All the Pixel Art is drawn by myself with the PixilArt Website, as well as all the Animations, which are a little bit wonky because I've never done 2D Animation before. The music is generated via. Ecrett Music and all other Sound Effects are made with SFXR. Because the theme of the Game Jam is "Cold", I started with a Basic Jump'n'Run, but recognised after some play testing that my idea was just to shallow to be a real Game. After that my idea was to create a Survival Plattformer where you have to find you're Igloo before you freeze.


A D / ⬅️  , ➡️  - Run
LEFT SHIFT / ⬇️ - Crouch
SPACE / W - Jump

Updated 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenrePlatformer, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, 2D, Casual, Cute, jumping, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unity


Staying Alive 19 MB


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I like it!

Fun game! The jumping is a little weird, but that's fine.

Yes a lot of work has gone into this, congratulations


fun but harder than it looks


Fun game! I want to befriend all the penguin fellas and invite them to a bon fire.

This goes in my "Favorite Indie Games" list!

I'm really happy to hear that thanks a lot :D


Very cute. Wish I was able to go up the other path but the long way's still cool I guess.


This is pretty neat!

Thanks :D


hey man this was pretty fun! 

Thanks I appreciate you like it :D


The pixel art syle of the game is awesome, the background snow effect looks very nice and the soundtrack is amazing. The game feels very good and the camera movement is also very good, but the game would be better with a running animation.

The game is simple and a very enjoyable experience.

Good job!

You mean if the Player could run, because there is a walk animation it's just very unnoticeable.

Oh, you're right, in that case I don't have anything to say.


Welp, i like the concept
Characters are well done and animations are pretty fine for a first time !

The penguin at the beginning is pretty violent, it was surprising x)

Good job !

Yeah i know that the Animations are pretty wonky XD. I've never done any Animation at all and just tried to at least get something usable, but I'm pretty happy with the end result :D


Simple and sweet game, I like the cute characters! Good job!


Very good platformer with cute animation and interesting gameplay. But very short.


It so cute. I love it. Great game. I coudn't jump very well, but that was probably on purpose because of the ice.

Thanks a lot and about the jumping it seems that on the slopes it's weird to jump but I couldn't really find a good way to fix it. :D

you're welcome. It's fine. it was fun to play.


Nice game , I like the gameplay and the modelling.It's fun!


I liked the gameplay of this game! It's fun! I want this game on my phone :)

Thanks I'll see if i can make a Post Game Jam Version on the Smartphone :D

Oh, I hope you succeed!


short but sweet... or should I say cold? heh